The Seras Award

The Seras is an annual project which aims to promote as well as raise awareness about the roles organizations play with the emphasis on their responsibility towards stakeholders and the social development of Africa. The SERAs is Nigeria’s and Africa's first and premier Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards, aims to substantiate the case that corporations who are socially responsible stand to gain huge benefits in regards to the triple bottom line economic, social and environmental capital

Seras Awards is renowned as the gold-standard recognition in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability in Africa Its focus to lead the drive towards the actualization of the sustainable development goals in Africa by enabling a platform that promotes, measures and harmonizes the contributions of the private sector, governments/public sector, and non- governmental organizations to attain set targets.


  • Event design
  • Publicity
  • Conceptualization
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Management

Starting since 2006, the SERAS has recorded over 610 entries from Top 181 African organizations, Foundations and Not-for profit/NGO from over six African countries Over 1200 projects verified, Over 240 statuette given, 50 honorary awards, 5 state governors recognized, Several wins and over 10,000 Top CEOs, Business executives, managers and industry leaders in attendance. This has improved Nigeria’s rating on the list of CSR compliant countries from 15 about 10 years ago to number 2 behind only South Africa, Increased budget on community investment and sustainability initiatives. Transparency in project execution and implementation and increased sustainability reporting. In Planning events we consider key elements, The space, Lights, Lines, forms, colors, texture, patterns, and style

Patterns: to make the event design really interesting we introduced stripes, geometric patterns, animal prints, florals, and motifs. Mix and match to create a quirky look that will intrigue the guest and give them plenty to look at.

Space: In planning the layout of any space, we think about the route guests will take and when it’s a big blank canvas, we find how best to break up space. We need to ensure we get the balance right between positive (furnished) and negative (empty) space. We want to ensure the space isn't cramped and crowded but you do not feel vacuous either. We maintain delicate equilibrium and guide visitors on a seamless journey through the space, taking into consideration practical factors i.e. not creating a bottleneck as people try to visit and return from the loos or not seating people near doors.

Form is all about scale we introduced a giant statement pieces, its was simple but bold at the entrance of the event in Playing with proportion we created a big impact. STYLE: we recognise that every event, brand and audience has its peculiarities and certainly needs to to stand out, we look to define style in simple or complex ways and elements

Color: We always count on colors to inspire and help set the tone and mood of the event, being a celebration of achievement we concentrated on gold, black, blue and green representing intellectuals and learning also this event catering to a highly intellectual class of guest.

Texture: engaging attendees’ sense of touch in is important, Texture plays a big role in how people engage physically with your event.

We believe the quality of an event is in its content(purpose) and delivery(Design & execution).

We work closely weaving through the event’s theme, focus, and brand positioning ensuring we deliver the desired experience. We take a space and transform it into somewhere inspiring – a place people want to be and experience, whether they’ve come to learn, network or just have fun.

We understand that design is not merely about looking nice; but the decor must bring every event or brand to life. We change the atmosphere of every venue, turning it into a center of awe and actually facilitating greater attendee engagement.

We focus on attendee satisfaction levels overall, we have mastered the art.

Our strategy is to work within a framework that aligns our clients initial intent with outcome.

Events as a marketing tool is priority

Real-life experiences are more engaging and you can easily create memories much more profoundly with this. Live events are deeply experiential by nature—something everyone (especially millennials) seek from an organization.

Events certainly facilitate a better face-to-face discussion with consumers, you could easliy get a your consumers into a much more intimate relationship with your brand than what is possible in the digital space. As many as 8 out of 10 people who take part in an event pass that experience on to someone else, making your brand much more accessible to your target audience.

With our winning strategies we ensure events dont only deliver through design, we are keen to ensure the experience lingers, we need to ensure each attending not only leaves with satisfied but also raving fan for your business, concepts, projects and ideas.

Quality of service is key to us, we believe excellence is a differentiator. This is a value-add that makes one impressionable and memorable,as its said- “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail”. Most importantly we are always grateful for an opportunity to be of service.


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