High-Converting Strategic Decisions

Since 2010 we started providing turn-key marketing solutions. Yup, that’s right. years of investigating & isolating business b ottlenecks. Be rest assured we are problem detectives at this point.

Since then, we’ve expanded our service base with problem-solving at driving what we do.

"Some of the key features that made us work with Okhma is — The quality of the pitch/presentation, persuasiveness/ professionalism of the team and the execution“

Ita Bassey Heineken

Businesses (like yours) hire us as their private eye. We dig deep to find the problem, get clarity, create impactful strategy(Big Idea) and efficiently execute. We set them off to a prosperous and highly successful path.

We believe with the right strategy and tenacity, a good company or idea can become a brilliant and profitable company.

When you must win
We take no shortcuts

Work with us

We ensure sustainable businesses, dividing the right opportunity which means organizational and brand positioning, working from depth to the surface of the brand/project or IDEA. This is our style! We always strive for the best through passion.


Your New Path To Success


In our one-one strategy session we like to call a profit-ABLE time. We listen.We help clients see each challenge as an opportunity, through flexible strategies we ensure growth

  • First we listen & Get Precision

    Research /industry analysis/ organizational finding

  • Second we collaborate & find the opportunity

    Strategize/ be creative/ align concepts

  • Deliver excellence

    Research /industry analysis/ organizational finding

  • Inspire & aspire

    Prioritize/ all-inclusive execution/ social integration/

We seek the truth, we simplify the problem get to the route of it and provide sustainable solution our clients are the best!


When you plant you expect growth. Daily we need a quality of life that reflects our efforts. Being clear about our goals, having the right strategy, and then implement for a sustainable future is what we are experts at.

Our Clients

The Do plan

We always have a plan.
It's simple - Where is the money?


The Ability Series
A powerful business project for
ambitious Entrepreneurs

Who do we help? From start-up to Forbes 100

We enable business growth.

Our desire is to create sustainable solutions with world class standard to promoting organizational performance and brand growth.

We work with companies no matter their stage or life cycle. All companies go through different life cycle from start to big, growth invokes change which will lead to challenges, each stage highlights a unique set of obstacle to deal with and overcome.

How do we help:

Growth Path: We work with you on a complete circle of engagement to seek opportunities and promote growth.

What makes
us Different:

We are Resilient & Hardworking, we strive to create through innovative thinking to ensure we provide good value for money.

We always seek the best opportunity to ensure you win.


Our Team

Without our specialised team we’d be nothing. A fun-loving bunch of strategic & creative thinkers that go above and beyond for each other and our clients. It’s not surprising that we achieve what we do. What’s actually interesting is how well we engage and communicate with our clientele. Crystal clear communication between our team, plans, strategies, everything we do has been key to our success over the years.

Mary Ephraim


Mary is an ardent “Ideas to Success” expert. Having founded Nigerian’s first indigenous film distribution company which has grown into a multi-million naira organization. She has succeeded in starting several other business of over 10 years and still flourishing, serving several fortune 500 clients. She has a long history of working in the entertainment industry. She is a strong  business development professional skilled in Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Entrepreneurship, and Film.

Ken Egbas


Ken boast of almost two decades of experience in the marketing communications and sustainability industry. A foremost thought leader in CSR/ Sustainability/Marketing Communications in Africa. He has worked as Consultant to several A-list organizations, as well as SMEs within Nigeria, and Africa. He was recognized and listed in Assent Global 2018 Top 100 Influence Leaders in CSR and Sustainability. He is a highly sought speaker, trainer and a respected voice on issues bordering on sustainability, marketing, communications, the economy and politics.

Tomisin Funmibi

Senior Consultant (Sustainability & Non-Profit)

Tomisin is a versatile Sustainability Expert, having an excellent track record of working with Nigeria foremost organizations meet their sustainability goals, carrying out impact assessment & measurement of their social investment. He has development products to help Non-profit organization function well and meet their set out objectives.

Mary Adams

Principal Consultant Finance

Mary has over 30 years of experience in accounting and operations management. She is a highly sought after financial and investment analyst with successful career at the Nigeria Port Authority and Cross-River state university.

Ezekiel John Chat

Video + Creative

Ezekiel is a content creator and editor. He has experience in script writing, film making, film editing and studio photography.

Brian Sylvester

Associate Marketing

Brian has 10 years of edu-content creation and delivery. He is highly rated in interpersonal communication, research, trend analysis, UI&UX and analytics tools.

“What made us happiest about working with okhma is their Professional service, personalized touch, flexible and understanding, and high performance standards, they exceeded our expectations - the Team showed such tenacity and consistency in improving their standards“

Peter Ekunkoya

Coca Cola

We have worked with many clients to reach their goals and become profitable. We will work with you to identify your pain points, map out efficient action plans, execute and measure success.

“I like the way Okhma takes every step with you, they are happy to grow with you“

Theresa Akpeyi

Founder Beautiful Ideas

Let's get started?

Knowing what you really want to achieve is normally the first step to succeed. Our sprout strategist would help you identify clear and measurable goals to set you on the road to succeed.

Getting you to win is certainly our goal.

Our Core Values:

Resilience. Excellence. Innovative. Global. Nurturing

With us you do not
get an agency

you get solutions