Retails Solution

Ishop is a meeting hub, where retailers meet shoppers/buyers, and through a high value discount scheme shoppers are wooed to make purchases. It’s Offline (magazine) and online. With easily redeemable coupons and attractive discounts, shoppers would be certainly eager to make purchases, as we showcase a wide range of products.

Ishop was born out of a shoppers needs

“I find shopping in Lagos and most towns in Nigeria very difficult, the shops are spaced far apart, some shops have light, others have bad customer service, but most exhausting is if I need a specific item, I could almost not know which shop I could go and find that exact item. Shopping online is good but also has its limitations. Some of the shops out there carry really good items but if they could all significantly be in a mall space or one stretch then this will make it easier to browse these shops more conveniently. At the shops I see what I like, I try it and buy it!”. – Matilda E.

Ishop will simply get retail shops and their products easily discovered. People can browse online to know what products are currently available in these shops, and where these outlets are situated.

The magazine is to engage, waiting for people to brows is like sitting in your shop and hoping someone needs a show, we go to the clients, we tell them what's available and how it will be useful for them

Ishop features a wide range of products that caters to men, women, children, toddlers, and infants. With eye popping deals and high quality/attractive images, shoppers enjoy the ease of discovering their favourite products and stores

Fashion & Style

From men’s wears to women and children's wears, jewelries, shoes, and sportswear

Food Deals

Food deals from the best eateries and restaurants, up for grabs and delivery

Electronics & Gadgets

Home appliances, high tech phones and laptops.

Home & Furniture

The best of home wares, essentials, kitchen utensils, and furniture at the best price.

Travel & Outdoors

Great deals on travelling tickets, travel and touring items, tour offers to tour the finest places in town for leisure.


A wide range of products that appreciates the well being of customers.

Our Experience

In 2010, we published a shopping discount/coupon magazine named “Monsoon”, specifically for the palms MALL. It was valid for 45days. This magazine was a huge success, every store offered mouth watering discounts, 50,000 magazines were distributed free in LAGOS.

The different stores at the Malls were able to easily see their ROI, as people came trooping in with their coupons and the magazine. They recorded an increase in profit and customers.

For the customers they were intrigued at the discounts, the quality of the magazines and the ease of identifying products currently in stores. This magazine created so much value, that GAMES store got us involved with their marketing and distribution we also worked for several other retail brands such

18% Online Retail 2019
$28T Global sales report 2019
15.2% Web Penetration

Meet Simi she is 29

She works as an Accountant in an accounting firm

She is currently single and she has for her shopping- 3 pairs of shoes, and a dress, she loves reading and shopping .

“Ishop is a dream come true i have always needed a better shopping experience and now i know exactly where i'm going to get shopping this weekend, i have already place some orders”

Meet Elvis he is 35

Elvis works as a Fitness coach. He is currently married, He enjoys shopping for his key clients, This encourages a better eating habit, he is shopping for fresh Fruits, vegetables, and some specific food ingredients.He loves Dancing, travelling, meeting people.

“I have such a schedule between my trainings and special classes, but ISHOP has definety made my added valued service of personally shopping lean foods for my clients such a reality, now I can seat in my office relaxed and browse easily what I need, online is good but having the magazine gives me much more”

Today, finding information is effortless since you are always a button click away from accessing all of the world’s knowledge.


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