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Brand awareness is virtually invaluable, it's no longer enough to have a customer but you need to turn them into raving fans, those that never have enough of you and can't keep still -but must tell everyone about you. In this digital age getting noticed though very important can be tasking and expensive, Companies are paying a premium for exposure in an era where competition is immense.

Maximise your reach. We know the power of events.

This is why we have designed events to harness your clients and prospective clients. As a business, by sponsoring an event, you immediately show authority and a sense of achievement, this gives you credibility in your relevant industry and among your potential clients. Attendees will see your brand throughout the event in a non-forceful way and are much more likely to find you and learn more this way.

You can grow your reach today

United for good concert:

United for good foundation in partnership with Okhma will be launching its first annual concert for charity(good), proceeds from this concerts will be used to support key social projects and NGO’s

Today’s generation (Millennials, Generation Z) prefer a brand with a purpose, as in a brand with corporate social responsibility.

It is imperative for brands to actively be involved in social causes and to back it up with sincere support in order to create a connection with this generation. Sponsoring events that are purpose-driven is the simplest way to achieve this and United for Good Foundations concert is a good place to start

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