We love festivals and shows! Because it’s always fun and makes people happy. We have made it happen for the biggest street party and many more Festival Calabar is a unique display of African heritage showcased through music, dance, drama, and visual creativity, reflected in the design of floats, costumes, and make-up. The Carnival Calabar is widely recognized globally and has been listed as one of the 4major festivals in the world.


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EDIYE Face of our heritage

“I believe, as a young people in government, we have the responsibility to reconstruct the story of Africa, to point the present and coming generation to a new direction, a place where we celebrate the fullness of our humanity and heritage as a people and show the world those unique talents and God-given gifts that makes us the cynosure of eyes across the globe. There is no need for us to seek solutions to challenges elsewhere when those solutions are right here at home.” – Governor Ben Ayade

We ran a campaign AFRICA IS BEAUTIFUL- The face of ediye- Ediye means beautiful in a native tongue of Calabar

The Face of Ediye became the Carnival Icon, representing all things beautiful that is African to help us reconstruct the African story.

Our objective was to Create rich compelling and alluring content appealing to the target audience. Target audience- youth-young adults, this is an important segment of the market for product and brand loyalty and conscription.

The Carnival is a fun and entertaining event that is appealing to the youth audience To create a connection between the target audience with the carnival and sponsoring brands

We will through our online and offline publicity aim to attract over 1million of this target audience

Special Place

We partnered with top artists( Cobham’s, Banky w, Iyanya, Sammie Okposu, Blakky, ) to create a new theme song, the objective was to convey the emotions of togetherness and love which is a powerful emotion in festivals especially amongst enthusiasts alike. We leveraged Influencers and Celebrities to launch the theme Song and the marketing campaign, the song was launched on top Radio/TV Stations, Communications and popular Social Media Channels, listening parties inspiring User-Generated Content.

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1m attendance
18 to 35 Target Audience Age Distribution

Carnival Attendees Vocational Distribution

Despite the fun and relaxed interpretation of the festival theme under a strict adjudication process. The result is pure magic – an outpouring of color, sound and spectacular, unmatched by anything else on the continent. Year after year, the Calabar festival has enjoyed tremendous growth and followership. Since its inception as a costume parade in 2004, it easily became one of Africa's main tourist attractions, creating economic value and business opportunities


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