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It’s about time... discover fresh industry tackling tried-and-tested strategies, that impact your business so you can be highly profitable, stand out and have great success

We do induce new sales for you by using our unique 5 step sprout approach

Our clients

We went though a dry patch, as a team we were looking for a strategy to bring customers and sales in, the sales in the center had gone down and shops were complaining, we needed something dramatic.

Okhma came up with creative ideas, they knew exactly what our problem was, they understood what are issues where.

The best assets that Okhma has is the enthusiasm and depth of knowledge. They take their time to investigate, they took the project and made it theirs.

I recommend anyone seeking some new sales producing perspective to get on board with Okhma.

Edward Stevenson Palms Mall
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    Festivals and Carnivals

    The biggest street party in Africa

    Brand development, Strategy , Identity

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    Branding & Photography

    DACHA Studios

    Branding & Photography

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    Democratic campaigns

    Building a Nation

    Brand development, Strategy , Identity

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    Event Design & Execution


    Event Design & Execution

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    Retails Solution

    Retail Solution: Palms Mall

    Brand development, Strategy, Identity

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    The Ability Series show

    An Entrepreneurs series.

    Brand development, Strategy, Identity

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Look, we get it… You want sales. You definitely need to see the reward for all your efforts

And now you’re on this site hoping, wishing that this finally is the answer to your problems. Your business might have reached a plateau, maybe you’re experiencing stagnation, perhaps little to no progress in growth and scale.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone friend... It happens. Business is tricky and staying on top of the market is a full-time job in itself.

Many business owners strive, try, and attempt to handle everything falling into the “I got this” trap. (Yes, we made that name up).

They sadly end up wasting:

  • Time
  • Hard-earned Money
  • Progress

All detrimental to the business’ goals and objectives.

What’s the solution you say?

*drum roll*


See, we here at Okhma specialise in instantly connecting you to your market by using data, analytics, trends, all that fancy stuff to generate new strategic approaches & iterative processes for your business to finally see the growth it deserves.

Time To Get This Handled

Enough is enough. You know, I know, we know that there’s opportunity out there. Money to be made. Cash to be injected into your business. All you need is the guidance, the correct strategy and tools on your side to grow.

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"They created so much value for us and got us a lot of investments, right now our brand is rightly positioned and valued right.“

Eme Affiah Carnival Calabar & Festivals. The Biggest street party in Africa

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We get it. Working with a new team involves courage, a chance and sometimes even risk if you’ve never spoken with them, that’s why we have dedicated creative growth consultants who’ve agreed to happily put time aside to speak with business owners and reveal money-making blindspots.

(Psst… Many of our clients have said that this call alone is worth thousands.)

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We have partnered with the best for many projects to ensure sustainable growth and efficiency. Our associates are distinguished by their functional and applicable expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service, we bother on uniqueness, but most concerned by our customers satisfaction and distinct quality.

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